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There are sometimes sharp turns in people's lives, new starting points, states of enlightenment. My starting point in changing my understanding of medicine and my outlook on life was my catching an incurable disease. It was only in this way that I began to grasp some truths. In the past, when I worked as a civil servant and medical examiner for years, I did not think much about why chronic diseases could not be radically treated, but managed (management). I didn't feel the need to tire either. Because patients and diseases could be managed very well with chemical drugs. There was no one who wanted more or thought that he should have wanted more. Patients used their medicines, doctors wrote their prescriptions, pharmacies gave them free of charge. Almost all expenditures were covered by the state. Doctors, pharmacists and other patients were inculcated with the idea that they had to use drugs for life for those suffering from chronic diseases such as diabetes, rheumatism and coronary artery disease, and people were accustomed to this. Those who had a disease such as cancer were offended by their fate. It was treated as if nutrition had no place in the treatment of diseases. Today, I understand much better that some of the nutritional recommendations are also incomplete and false. There was no proper nutrition course in medical faculties, if doctors specialize during their education life, but in some branches, they also learn half-baked nutrition! (The subject of nutrition and diseases is very deep and more detailed information will be given on these issues later.)

While I was still a student, I came to the following conclusion from what I learned while studying cancers in pathology courses. A person with cancer was a person awaiting execution like a criminal with a death sentence. Because people with cancer were taught a concept of life expectancy and this was called survival. Generally, all cancers were evaluated over their five-year life span. In this type and stage of cancer, the five-year survival rate is 50% or 5%. There was a concept called prognosis, which was also used in other chronic diseases such as rheumatism and diabetes. This defined the course of the disease as severe, severe, or mild. If the prognosis is bad, it means that the person will experience serious problems due to this disease. At the point I have reached today, I understand that these were the obsessions of orthodox medicine (Modern medicine).
While doing my research, I learned that nutrition is one of the most important factors in determining a person's health status and is often a serious part of treatment. Nutrition was directly related to the intestinal flora (microbiata) of the person and the flora varied according to the nutritional status. If the change in the flora was negative, it would first cause the intestinal wall structure to change, and then cause the immune system to change and deteriorate due to the "leaky gut" entity formed accordingly. After this stage, diabetes, rheumatic diseases, cardiovascular diseases, hormonal disorders (such as thyroid gland, testis, ovary) and most importantly cancers appeared in the person due to various triggering factors. It was understood that certain steps should be common in the treatment of many chronic diseases.
Indeed, as we researched the subject in depth, the diet that could be used for treatment in many chronic diseases, including cancer, and the plants used most of the time were common. For example, the most famous of these plants was turmeric and it was an important element in the treatment of both cancers and rheumatic diseases. Again, olive leaf could work both in the treatment of diabetes and in cancer treatments. With the treatments, many diseases that are called incurable in modern medicine could be cured radically. Of course, not every patient got better, but there were many reasons for this. Everyone could not fully comply with the treatment, could not pay attention to their nutrition, could not want to get better for various reasons, could not make enough effort to heal, or there was a problem in the person's metabolism that could not be corrected, or the disease was at an irreversible point according to our current knowledge, it was a very delayed or very severe case. was. Or the products used were not of sufficient quality.
However, the successes achieved in the treatment with herbs could be at a stage that modern medicine could not even imagine. Of course, we do not intend to exclude modern medicine altogether. Modern medicine had diagnostic methods that were unimaginable in the past. Especially some of the methods were space age technologies and they showed the internal organs of the human and the workings of these organs. For example, imaging methods such as MRI, computed tomography, ultrasound, echocardiography and various blood tests. In addition, great progress had been made in traumas and acute diseases, and surgical methods were very advanced. In this way, many people's lives were saved, but when it comes to chronic diseases, including cancer, not much progress has been made in treatment, with some exceptions.
For these reasons, in my new understanding of medicine, which I have developed myself, I have developed an understanding of preventing the occurrence of diseases first and then treating the diseases that occur, without rejecting the possibilities of ancient medicine, especially by using phytotherapy, by making use of all the possibilities of modern medicine.


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