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When we consider our body with a holistic perspective, a natural and healthy life is possible with the help of scientific methods and modern devices.

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Identifying the underlying cause of the disease is the most important stage of treatment. For this, as a doctor, we need to benefit from the knowledge that our understanding of modern medicine has given us, as well as other technologies and information that help us to recognize human nature. Although suppressing body systems in the treatment of diseases after diagnosis seems important in acute cases, it is never the right method in chronic cases. With this approach, the main pathology cannot be treated and only the symptoms of the disease will be suppressed. We are based on the regulation of special treatment protocols and prescriptions for our patients, not according to the disease, by making use of natural treatment methods that will support body physiology and metabolism, within the discipline of medicine that will not suppress but support the body's healing ability.

Dr. Rıdvan Yıldız

Internal Medicine and Phytotherapy Specialist

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