Oxygen and Ozone Therapy
Ozone is a chemical compound consisting of three oxygen atoms. It is a very high energy-carrying form of diatomaceous normal atmospheric oxygen. Ozone is a colorless gas with a characteristic odor at room temperature. Its name comes from the Greek ozein meaning "to smell" or "the breath of god".
Medical ozone is always used as a mixture of pure ozone and pure oxygen. Due to the well-known bactericidal, fungicidal and antiviral properties of medical ozone, it is used for disinfection of infected wounds and also for the treatment of diseases caused by bacteria and viruses. It is a very effective substance especially in diabetic foot wounds.
Due to its ability to increase blood circulation, it is used in the treatment of circulatory disorders and the revitalization of organic functions also makes ozone very valuable.
When used in low doses, it increases the body's resistance. In other words, ozone activates the immune system at low doses. The application of medical ozone, especially to patients with weakened or impaired immune systems, leads to particularly successful results.
Ozone is used as an aid in the treatment of many diseases, including cancer.

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