Treatment Areas

As you know, the point of medical practice and treatments today. While technologically serious steps are taken on diagnosis and detection of diseases, what is done in the name of treatment remains insufficient. Accordingly, many chronic diseases are rife around us and new ones are added to these tables every day. Many diseases, from blood pressure to diabetes, are now perceived as normal, and even cancer is common in our environment, such as colds and flu. On the other hand, what is done in the name of treatment cannot go beyond the point of measures that will save the day.
As such, old medical practices resurfaced and modern medical practices with a 100-year-old foundation began to be questioned.
However, when the inadequacies of today's medicine in the field of treatment are added to the unsystematized state of the old methods, the treatments have been pushed into a complete mess. While most of those who apply old treatment methods try to do something in line with their knowledge, the result is still insoluble and intricate. In other words, the blood pressure patient, who could not reveal the end of the diseases with the additional treatments applied, continued and continues his life with blood pressure and chronic diseases.
The main reason for the deficiency in both applications is the inadequacy of the human perspective. In our clinic, patients are treated much more successfully by using Phytotherapy (herbal), which has been systematized by us, rather than traditional treatments, with a patient-specific (individual) and a whole (holistic) approach. Undoubtedly, ozonetherapy and intravenously administered vitamin C and elements such as Curcumin are applied to our patients when needed.
While we are doing our treatments, we can give our treatments together with conventional drug treatments, under close follow-up, to patients who often use conventional treatments. For example, a patient with heart disease receives appropriate phytotherapy support while using his medications, and his treatment becomes much more successful. This is possible for all diseases. Apart from that, we can give phytotherapy alone to any disease that has been newly diagnosed and is within the limits of our treatment.
Cancer Diseases
Support and treatment in all cancer diseases (Brain, Lung, Stomach, Intestine, Bladder, Kidney, Uterus, Breast, Skin, Pancreas, Soft Tissue and Bone, Ovary, Lymphomas, Leukemias, etc.). Complications due to cancer treatment (Kidney, Liver, Bone marrow problems)
Skeletal System Diseases
Calcification (Osteoarthrosis) especially in the knee and hip – Lumbar hernias – Soft Tissue Rheumatism – Inflammatory Rheumatism (Rheumatoid Arthritis, Ankylosing Spondylitis etc.) – Muscle Diseases – Lupus – Tennis Elbow – Meniscus – Tendinitis and Bursitis (Carpal Tunnel Syndrome etc.)
Skin Diseases
Acne – Eczema – Psoriasis (Psoriasis) – Atopic dermatitis – Chronic Urticaria – Shingles
Digestive System Diseases
Ulcerative Colitis – Crohn – FMF- Chronic Gastritis – Stomach Ulcer – Duodenal Ulcers – Reflux – Chronic Constipation and Diarrhea – Hemorrhoids and Fissures – Spastic Colitis (Irritable Bowel Disease) – Celiac Disease – Gallbladder Stones – Liver Problems
Nervous System Diseases
Anxiety – Depression – Panic Attack – Sleep Disorders – Headaches and Migraine – Tremor – Multiple Sclerosis – Parkinson’s Disease – Alzheimer’s Disease – Other Types of Dementia – Polyneuropathy – Epilepsy
Cardiovascular System Diseases
Coronary Heart Diseases - Hypertension - Rhythm Disorders - Peripheral Vascular Occlusions -Reynaud's - Circulatory Disorders - Varicose Veins - Heart Failure
Respiratory System Diseases
Asthma - Chronic Bronchitis - COPD
ENT Diseases
Vertigo – Hoarseness – Meniere
Endocrine (Hormone) Diseases
Diabetes (Diabetes), Diabetes-related wounds, Thyroid diseases
Eye diseases
Uveitis - Glaucoma - Retinal Vascular Occlusions - Diabetic Retinopathy - Yellow Spot
General Metabolic Problems
Chronic Fatigue - Obesity (Weight Problems) - Immune System Weakness - General Detoxification (Removal of Toxins)
Urogenital System Diseases
Prostatitis - Chronic Urinary Tract Infections - Menstrual Disorders - Ovarian Cysts - Infertility - Infertility - Impotence - Early Menopause - Benign prostatic hypertrophy.
Kidney Diseases
Chronic Kidney Failures, Kidney Inflammations, Kidney Stones


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