I was born on 12.03.1968 in İzmir province, Tire district, Kırtepe village. We moved to İzmir Buca with my family before I started primary school. I went to primary school in Buca, 23 Nisan Primary School. Then I finished secondary school in Manisa Turgutlu and then went back to Buca and studied at Buca High School. I won the Ege University Faculty of Medicine in the university exams held in 1985. After six years of education, I graduated in 1991. After doing compulsory service for about one and a half years in Gaziantep province İslahiye district, I started to specialize in Internal Diseases at Karadeniz Technical University Faculty of Medicine in 1993. I got married while I was still in residency. In 1997, I started to work as an Internal Diseases Specialist at the State Hospital of the county of Trabzon. After a while, I was appointed as the Chief Physician at the same hospital and worked as the chief physician for approximately 5 years. During my term as Chief Physician, I enabled the hospital to start inpatient treatment services. Then I was appointed to Manisa State Hospital, and before a year was up, I was appointed to Kula State Hospital in 2003. While working here, I attended a 3-month specialist hemodialysis course at Dokuz Eylül University Nephrology Department in 2005. After returning from the course, I first established the Kula State Hospital Hemodialysis unit, and then I was the head of this department until I resigned. After working until 2008, I resigned from the state service and moved to the private sector completely. I worked in different centers in the private sector, both as an internal medicine specialist and as a specialist in charge of hemodialysis.

By the way, I had Colon Ca (large intestine cancer) in April 2014 and after the operation it was understood that the disease was stage 4, it had spread to the peritoneum, and 12 cycles of chemotherapy was recommended. However, at the hospital I went to learn how to do chemotherapy, the assistant doctor said to my face that such a patient can only live for 3-5 months, but still can be given chemotherapy, without knowing that I am the patient, the embarrassment he experienced when he learned that I was a doctor, and his teacher who came in at that time, if I had this chemotherapy. When I asked if I could get rid of this disease, what percentage of treatment I have, the doctor, who is a medical oncologist, said that I had a 10% chance of treatment and that this could be 20% (whatever that means) in my case, so I did not accept chemotherapy considering my previous research and side effects. As a result of my own research, I decided not to have chemotherapy and I thought that the solution was in plants, so I turned to plants. Lokman Hekim found the cure for death in herbs. In the past, I received help from both physicians and non-physicians. It's like "hugging the snake that fell into the sea". I started doing research on this myself as much as I could. I read almost all the Turkish books that I got my hands on, but I could not get a proper result. Until he found and read the book of the Austrian crone (meaning wise) Maria Treben! Aren't herbal medicines (products) also called folk remedies? Afterwards, when I started to read foreign publications, the question marks that had formed in my mind throughout my life as a doctor began to dissolve and many issues that were hidden for me began to become clear. My understanding of treatment began to change drastically. I took the first fruits of this on myself.

By the way, it was tawafuq. In 2016, for the first time in our country, with the approval of the Ministry of Health, I attended the certified training given at the Bezmi Alem Vakıf University Phytotherapy (herbal treatment) center. I officially received a certificate of being able to apply Phytotherapy as an auxiliary treatment method in the treatment of diseases. Later, I started to teach phytotherapy courses to doctors at the same university. I made presentations as a speaker at various congresses. I gave lectures to doctors via the internet. By the way, upon an invitation, I had the honor of writing a chapter in the textbook written for medical school students (Basic Phytotherapy for Medical Faculty Students) for the first time in Turkey. I still continue to work and serve my patients in my private practice in Nişantaşı, Istanbul.
My next goal is to try to help people as much as I can, even when they are most desperate. Let's not forget that every disease has a cure. The important thing is to seek it out and find it. Every disease can be healed, as long as the patient wants it.

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