Phytotherapy, in its simplest form, means treatment using plants. The plants are either used in their entirety during the treatment or used in forms such as oil, extract, syrup obtained from the plants. However, the treatment performed by isolating one or more substances from the plant can no longer be called phytotherapy. The drug Atropine, which is obtained from the beautiful horseradish herb, is one of the most classic examples of this.
Phytotherapy is a treatment method as old and ancient as the history of humanity, and humanity has always used phytotherapy in treatment from the day it existed until the end of the 19th century and has cured many diseases with phytotherapy. However, in the last 150 years, the knob of the scale has been in favor of both chemical medicine for about 100 years, with the production of various molecules from plants, first through purification and then synthetically in laboratories. However, about 50 years ago, when it was seen that chemical-based drugs could not achieve the desired success in the treatment of some diseases, especially in the treatment of chronic diseases, in some countries such as Germany and China, a serious return began to the elements of ancient medicine, and by the way, especially to phytotherapy.
At this point, phytotherapy has started to be used in many countries of the world, especially in the treatment of serious fatal diseases such as cancer and heart diseases, and even in the treatment of all kinds of rheumatic diseases and all other chronic diseases, and many doctors have turned to this field and started to treat their patients with phytotherapy. In our country, the Ministry of Health dealt with the issue, and with the regulation issued after the studies, it allowed the official application of phytotherapy, along with many ancient medicine methods, by physicians. Based on this situation, it would be in their own interests to get help from doctors who know this subject well, rather than hear the advice of patients about herbal treatments from the right or left. Because plants that are used improperly may cause harm instead of benefit and may not give the desired benefit.
I personally prepare individual treatments specific to each patient in my practice after the necessary examinations and present them to my patients. Because each patient's disease is unique.

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