Nutrition Rules

15 Şubat 2018

Never Eat Cheese. However, cottage cheese made directly from milk or cheese made directly from shirder can be eaten. Cheese made with instant yeast should never be eaten. Candy sweets are prohibited. All kinds of sweets (chocolate, baklava, etc.) made from refined sugar, brown sugar, corn syrup and glucose syrup are prohibited. Real honey (preferably pine honey) can be eaten up to one tablespoon per day. Sweet foods and drinks feed the fungus in the gut. Black tea, coffee is prohibited. When black tea is brewed for more than 3 minutes, substances called tannins pass into the tea and stick to the villi in the intestines. It impairs their functions, vitamin and mineral absorption may be impaired in the person. There is also constipation. Constipation also contributes to the onset of many chronic diseases. Table salt should not be used. Because sea or rock salt is subjected to heat during processing and this leads to the loss of almost all minerals except Sodium and Chlorine. In addition, the additives (aluminum?, titanium?) put in table salt to provide fluidity and whiteness probably increase the toxicity of table salt. For these reasons, table salt is a poison in every way. Unrefined, unwashed rock salt and sea salt can be used instead. Like the original Çankırı salt. Any food made from white flour is prohibited. White bread turns directly into sugar, which feeds the intestinal fungus. If it is necessary to eat bread, sourdough bread should be eaten with plenty of oil and definitely not exceeding 50-60 g (a few slices) per day. Any form of frying is prohibited. Potatoes, peppers etc. The best oil is pure olive oil. It must be unrefined. It would not be sold in the refined market. Pure butter should be consumed. Any other oil (flower oil, corn oil, canola oil, etc.) is prohibited. Ready-made chicken, sausage, sausage and salami are prohibited. Cow meat should be avoided. Mutton, lamb, goat meat, village chicken should be consumed in boiled, oven or earthen barbecue. It should stay away from direct barbecue fire and frying. Bone broth, marrow boil, head leg should be consumed. Fish, especially deep water fish, can be prepared and consumed with the same methods. Soup can be made. It can be boiled or baked in the oven. If barbecue is to be made, it can be barbecued without seeing a coal fire and without burning the fish. Eggs can be eaten. Village eggs, roaming chicken eggs and organic eggs should be preferred. Boiling in apricot consistency, light cooking in olive oil or çilbir can be done. Meals should be cooked and prepared in steel, enamel and earthenware and consumed in porcelain, steel, glass, enamel and earthenware. Be careful about earthen pots. Cigarettes, alcohol, cola, fanta, soda etc. are prohibited. Alkaline water (pH greater than 7.8) should be consumed and all kinds of herbal tea should be brewed with this water. Plenty of vegetable salads and meals should be consumed. Every vegetable should only be consumed in its season, definitely not out of season. Legumes should be consumed (dry beans, kidney beans, lentils, black-eyed peas, chickpeas, etc.). Whole wheat rice, quinoa, buckwheat (grechka) should be preferred as pilaf. Fruit should be consumed according to the situation. Cancer patients should avoid bananas, grapefruit, melons and large amounts of grapes. There is no problem with watermelon. Homemade pepper and tomato paste should be consumed. Homemade yogurt should be eaten in 2 bowls every day. It must have been made from street milk. Goat's milk is the best. Otherwise, sheep's milk or cow's milk can be used. Homemade pickles should be consumed. Walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts, pistachios, pine nuts should be consumed raw. Dates, black raisins and dried figs can be consumed in some amount. Peanuts and eggplant are specifically prohibited. Milk is prohibited. If desired, goat's milk can be consumed kerhen.

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